I am Sherman, I've always been a creator and crafter, some of my earliest memories are of making things. I've always been a Steampunk too but I didn't know that until I was told by a fellow that my creations were Steampunk.

My curios are a combination of my love of making mechanical devices, steam engines, most things Victorian and Science Fiction. I now make anything which may appeal to Steampunks which is basically anything which appeals to me.

Sometimes it's hard to say where the inspiration comes from, often it's very simple. Us Steampunks like walking canes so I try to make canes which are different from the ones you would normally find.

Sarah makes Jewellery and this can be a little more difficult to describe, she loves Steampunk and we hope that it shows in her jewellery creations. She makes jewellery that is on the Victorian side and sometimes the industrial look of Steampunk. She likes pretty things but also somethings a little funky. Into the mix of Steampunk jewellery are charms, gears, glass, metal beads and lace chokers.

All of our commissioned designs are custom made to a very high standard to our customer's requirements and as such are un-repeatable. Our work is made from traditional materials such as wood, metal, glass and leather. sometimes item may have to be made from modern plastics, resin or acrylic for safety reasons

We have created this site so that other people can see for themselves the designs we produce and enjoy our unique hand made jewellery, walking canes Steampunk guns and curios.

Please get in contact with us if we can assist you in completing your Steampunk persona.

Hand made in Silverstone, U.K.